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The Noble Eight Fold Path
Panna (Wisdom / Insight)

Please refer to the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and the Dhamma teachings of Lord Buddha as quoted under ''observation/'what is'/observed is observed'' and ''Meditation from moment to moment / 'Total'-'complete' - 'holistic' meditation'' and ''sensations - the root of misery and sorrow and the key to insight and freedom/Vedana and Sampajana/Satipatthana'' in this study.

Right understanding (sammaditthi) is:

dukkhe nanam, dukkhasamudaye nanam, dukkhanirodhe
nanam, dukkhanirodhagaminiya patipadaya nanam.

It is total experiential wisdom about misery, its arising, its cessation, and the path: yatha-bhutam pajanati (insight based on 'what is') - proper understanding of the reality 'as it is'.

-Pg 90. ''Discourses on Mahasatipatthana Sutta by S N Goenka - Magga Saccam

Please refer to the Teachings as quoted in PART III

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