Buddhist Studies jataka tales: vol. 2
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Volune 2 - King Fruitful

Interpreter’s Introduction
From the Storyteller to the Reader
King Goodness the Great [Perseverance]
King Fruitful and Queen Sivali
Rebirth of the Bodhisattva [chapter 1]
Gaining Power [chapter 2]
Giving Up Power [chapter 3]
A Gang of Drunkards [Sobriety]
The Whatnot Tree [Prudence]
Prince Five-Weapons and Sticky-Hair [The Diamond Weapon]
A Huge Lump of Gold [Moderation]
Mr Monkey and Sir Crocodile [Good Manners]
A Prince of Monkeys [Carefulness]
Two Ways of Beating a Drum [Excess]
Two Mothers [Renunciation]
The Priest Who Gambled With a Life [Misguided Morality]
The Wicked Lady and the Buttermilk Wise Man [Seduction]
Country Man and City Wife [Adultery]
The Wisdom of Queen Tender-hearted [Lust]
Wife and Mother Who Was a Sister First [An Intelligent Woman]
The Strong-minded Snake [Determination]
The Shovel Wise Man [Renunciation]
The Green Wood Gatherer [Laziness]
The Elephant King Goodness [Generosity and Ingratitude]
Four on a Log [Gratitude]
New Homes for the Tree Spirits [Wise Advice]
The Fish Who Work a Miracle [Power of Truthfulness]
The Meditating Security Guard [Fearlessness]
The Dreams
The 16 Frightening Dreams [chapter 1]
Roaring Bulls With No Fight [chapter 2]
The Frightening Sound of 'Munch, Munch, Munch' [chapter 3]
Teaching [chapter 4]
Illisa the Cheap [Miserliness]
A Motherless Son [Betrayal]
Fear Maker and Little Archer [Self-deception]
Forest Monks in a Kings Pleasure Garden [Pupils without Teacher]
The Curse of Mittavinda
Jealousy [chapter 1]
Greed [chapter 2]
Pleasure [chapter 3]
A Hero Named Jinx [Friendship]
A Question From a 7-year-old [Six Worthy Ways]
A Lesson From a Snake [The Value of Goodness]
A Priest Who Worshipped Luck [Superstition]
The Bull Called Delightful [All Deserve Respect]
The Phoney Holy Man [Hypocrisy]
One Way Hospitality [Ingratitude]
Poison Dice [Deception]
The Mystery of the Missing Necklace
One Crime Leads to Another [chapter 1]
The Mystery is Solved [chapter 2]
The Careless Lion [Circumspection]
The Holy Man Who Tired To Be Too Holy [Extremism]
Clear-sighted the Great [Impermanence]
The Prince and the She-devils
Five Meals in the Forest [chapter 1]
A Feast in the Palace [chapter 2]
A Man Named Bad [Self-Acceptance]
A Man Named Wise [Cheating]
Achieving Nothing [Nothing]
A Mother's Wise Advice [Non-violence]

First Published by Buddhist Literature Society Inc., New York Buddhist Vihara 1995

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