HIV/AIDS Prevention and  Care

Sangha Metta Project
Articles on HIV/AIDS

A Buddhist Response to the HIV/Aids CrisisLawrence Maund
Caring for the FutureSangha Metta Project
The Four Sublime States and People with HIV Watcharapong Thongsa-aad
Aids and the Revolution in Humanity — Prof. Dr. Prawes Wasi
Ethics and HIV/AIDS Care - A Buddhist Approach — Asst. Prof. Athachinda Dipdung.
Role of Buddhist Monks and Community Leaders — HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care.
Dhamma Camps Against AIDS — A Model Project.
Meditation and Health — The Therapeutic Benefits.
The Four Noble Truths of AIDS — HIV/AIDS from a Buddhist Perspective.
Thai Temples & AIDS — Abbot Dhannawat's Anti-AIDS Activities links with Sangha Metta Project.

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